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Virgo is a compact desktop finishing system

Virgo is a compact desktop finishing system that unwinds, laminates labels for durability, digitally die cuts, removes excess label material around each die-cut shape, slit, and rewinds offering you everything to professionally cut and finish labels.
The system provides a very accurate label finishing solution using cutting plotter technology with reduced dimensions.
This allows you to cut different types of materials and shapes on the fly without the added cost of dies.

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Short run in-house label production reducing cost and inventory requirements »
Producing full bleed labels will no longer be a nightmare »
Laminating option for labels for added durability (no need for special media) »
No need to order pre-die cut label rolls »
Desktop size unit »
No need to set up a minimum gap between labels when printing in full bleed (Saves media).


Input / Output max. roll diameter
200 mm (7.87”)
200 mm (7.87”)
Minimum media width
100 mm (3.94”)
100 mm (3.94”)
Maximum media width
140 mm (5.51”)
225 mm (8.86”)
Maximum cutting width
122 mm (4.80”)
200 mm (7.87”)
Minimum / Maximum label length
10 mm (0.39”) / 350 mm* (13.77”)
*with limitations
Minimum slitting width
19 mm (0.75”)
Number of slitting blades
up to 6
up to 8
Lamination module
L = 116 cm (45.66”)
H = 68 cm (26.77”)
W = 68 cm (26.77”)
Weight (estimated)
180 kg (396 lb)
200 kg (440 lb)
Roll core size
76 mm (3”)
Maximum media thickness
0.25 mm (10 mil)
Maximum cut speed
600 mm/s (24 in/s) in all directions
One year parts and labor.
Usage limitation may apply

Nyhet: 2022-2023

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